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Learn to Quote Web Stations in Your Research Paper – Guide 2021


Citations hold a significant position in the academic sphere as they provide the acknowledgment of the sources that the writer/author adds in his/her publication. Citations are considered important in order to avoid plagiarism and to present the arguments in an authentic manner. Citations are usually added to the main body of the paper or essay and are used to present the source from which the information has been taken. 


In the academic sphere, citations are considered as a tool that provides the information and supports your arguments in an adequate and comprehensive manner. Focusing on the web sources, one could say that some of the websites could act as a piece of valuable evidence for your research and support your arguments in an effective manner. While writing any research paper, an essay writer can help you write my essay for me assignment needs many sources to support his/her claim, that is where the web sources come into play. However, their citation in the research paper is a whole different story.



The citation of web sources depends upon the overall pattern in which the writer writes his/her research paper. Most common patterns or styles of writing include MLA, APA, Chicago, and many others like that. All these styles are considered prominent and, at the same time, significant in the academic sphere. Each of these writing styles has its own pattern of in-text citation. However, considering the general pattern of the citation, the important information that needs to be included in your paper includes the name of the author, the title of the sources or webpage that is being used, the title of the website, and the date when the source is retrieved from the website.


It is imperative to consider the writing style first before moving towards your website citation as the latter needs to match the format of the research paper, else it would be considered unacademic and a violation of educational norms. Hence, in order to comprehend the concept of citing internet sources, it would be adequate to understand these patterns in all their entirety. Perhaps, the most important writing pattern used to write the research papers is the APA format.


 It is a widely used writing style in the academic sphere. Where APA style holds importance in the academic sphere, it has also remained prevalent among different essay or write my essay online service providers. When it comes to citing the online articles in the above-mentioned pattern, the writer would need to add more than just the URL of the used source. 


Depending on the nature of the website and the information that one needs to retrieve, the writer must include the name of the author (if one is available), the date on which the information was added to the website, the complete title of the chosen article, and the name of the website. While adding an in-text citation, the writer needs to remain cognizant of the fact that in APA style, he/she has to mention the last name of the author along with the date.


However, if the name of the author is unavailable, then the writer can add the title of the article instead and write (n.d.) if there is no publication date. Moreover, while adding the reference at the end of the paper, it must be ensured that the writer is following the exact provided pattern. The pattern includes the name of the author, date of publication, the title of the article, name of the department or website, the date on which the document is retrieved, and the URL of the site. You can ask essay writer to write essay for me.


Next comes the inclusion of sources in MLA style. It is as popular in the scholarly circle as the APA style. Although, the citation of web sources in MLA style includes the same elements used in APA style, such as the date, author’s name, title of the article, etc. However, the citation style differs from that of the previous one. While citing the web source in MLA style, it must be remembered that, unlike APA style, only the last name of the author is stated while making reference in the text. Apart from that, while mentioning the source at the end of the document, the pattern that needs to be followed includes the last name, first name, the title of the article, the date when the article was written, and the URL of the website. 


Moreover, the source name of the title of the website needs not to be added in bold or italicized font. To avoid repetition, the writer can omit the site name from the source if the name of the website is the same as that of the author of the work. Furthermore, the writer has the leverage to shorten the title or the URLs if he/she considers them long or intricate. When I write my essay, I consider this practice very useful and time-saving. Moreover, the contents of the web page are designed to change over time, hence, the retrieval date needs to be included to get a better idea about the used material.


To conclude, there is a myriad of citation styles that can be incorporated by the writers in their research papers. However, using a web source as in your paper would allow you to prove your point in an effective and efficient manner. This proves that in order to write an adequate research paper, citation plays an important role as it gives legitimacy to the ideas presented by the writer.



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